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Based on Communications Psychology, speakUP Business is committed to producing business marketing tools to help you build your brand and secure sales.

Juliana is the Founder of speakUP Business. She has worked in Communications for over ten years servicing clients and organizations in the government, public sector, non-profit organizations, and the private sector. She has helped market some of the world’s largest brands in the tech, travel, and fundraising fields, to name a few. She has successfully helped start-ups and product launches for established companies. Juliana is a Communications guru and understands the brain of your audience. Integrating psychology into marketing and business growth practices means speakUP Business can service your needs like no other.

Juliana has developed a number of proprietary best practices that shape the way we build businesses and brands here at speakUP Business. Our methods are tested and proven. More importantly, these aren’t merely philosophies. These are communications techniques that have been used effectively across many layers of life. In other words, we know that our techniques work. We know they work from our ongoing research. We know they work from evidence in the world around us. Psychology is the science of human behaviour. We’ve applied that science to communications, design, and business strategy.

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In more than 65% of failed projects, ineffective communications is blamed as a significant contributor. In spite of this fact, few professionals invest in or construct an appropriately integrated communications strategy. 

speakUP Business puts communications strategy first. We shape your marketing campaigns based on the one element that transcends every single one of your projects—communications. Most people ignore this element figuring it will take care of itself. But when there is a communications breakdown internally or with customers, the repercussions are huge.

How much is it costing you to leave communications behind? How much new business are you missing because you lack strategy that considers the psychology of your internal operations and your customers?

At speakUP Business we integrate the latest practical business marketing tactics with longstanding principles that govern human behaviour. We develop a strategy that reflects your business’s unique goals and we execute with precision. If developing and following a strategy misses the mark in any way, our testing practices ensure that we are constantly learning about your audience and improving our campaigns for optimal results.

This calibre of marketing professionalism is what your business needs to succeed in a competitive marketplace. It’s that simple.

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We are always innovating and updating our best practices to offer competitive professional services that produce results.

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· We focus on delivering the best return on investment you can find in this industry
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  • “Juliana brings true passion in to every project.
  • Juliana understands the client’s needs and uses her talent to bring the message to life.
  • Both personally and professionally speaking, a pleasure to work with.
  • “Juliana did a fantastic job of rewriting the content of our web page.
  • They put time and effort into understanding our company and our target market.
  • They provided us with a copy that enhanced the professionalism and marketability of our web site.
  • I would recommend speakUP to anybody looking for results.