Hi, I’m Juliana.

I am the Founder of speakUP Business. I have worked in Communications for a long time. I’m effective at shaping messages and have done it for businesses for a number of years. Working in the corporate world is very interesting and challenging. It taught me a lot of the hard skills that have made me academically and professionally successful. Now I’d like to offer my expertise to you.

I am passionate about helping your grow your business and your nurture your internal communications.

I was not always the most effective communicator.

I was not always content with my academic, career, and personal achievements. In fact, it was my personal journey of moving from depression to happiness that really solidified my expertise as a communicator. I don’t think I could have ever reached the height of control over communications I have achieved if I did not go through the personal journey that taught me so much about human psychology. I have learned to truly understand people, because I have learned to truly understand myself. I will always be learning. How about you?

The Success Formula

I have developed and believe in what I call The Success Formula. It involves achieving self and social awareness alongside a strong communication skillset.  According to this formula, I have developed a number of proprietary best practices that shape the way we build marketing strategies and collateral here at speakUP Business. Our methods are tested and proven. More importantly, these aren’t merely business philosophies. These are communications techniques that have been used effectively across many layers of life. In other words, we know that our techniques work. We know they work from our ongoing research. We know they work from evidence in the world around us. Psychology is the science of human behaviour. We’ve applied that science to communications, design, and business strategy.

My other professional highlights

Well, I’m a big nerd and learnaholic . . .

I completed an English Specialist and Political Science Major at the University of Toronto in 2003. After graduating With Distinction, I attended Queen’s University to complete a Political Studies Masters in Canadian and Constitutional Politics.

I have had the great pleasure of serving as an Ontario Policy Intern with the Post-Secondary Education Quality Assessment Board, Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities. I have represented Canada on the Global Marketing Advisory Committee for Imagining Ourselves and taught at Queen’s University as a Teaching Assistant and as an Instructor for private career colleges in Toronto. I have developed curriculum for and taught some awesome soft skills workshops. I am committed to principles of life-long learning and continue to nurture my own communications skills and business acumen on an ongoing basis. I am also a proud published writer.

I have served some of the world’s largest brands in the business community as a Communications Specialist.  I have served as an Editor for Federalism-E and on the Editorial Board of The Innovation Journal as the Discussion Paper Editor and Case Studies Editor. I have worked with brands such as Microsoft, Dell, Telus, Oxford University Press, Air Canada, Hydroxycut, and the Ontario government.  I have worked with grassroots causes like The Gatehouse (a community child abuse resource) and the MS Society.

I have also worked with some truly incredible people. Here are just a few nice things they’ve said about my work:

“Juliana brings true passion in to every project. She is able to understand the client’s needs and use her talent to bring the message to life. Both personally and professionally speaking, she is a pleasure to work with.”     -Richelle, Starshot Ventures Inc., Toronto

“Juliana did a fantastic job of rewriting the content of our web page. They put time and effort into understanding our company and our target market. Based on this, they provided us with a copy that enhanced the professionalism and marketability of our web site. I would recommend JTCina.com to anybody looking for a similar result.”      -DataCoach USA

If my education, experience, and testimonials aren’t enough to sway you on the quality of my work, you may take comfort in the fact that I am a daughter, sister, wife, mother, best friend, animal lover, book reader, soccer fan, and wannabe comedian.