21 Ways to Promote Your Event

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Depending on the size and topic of your event, the marketing methods available to you may differ. Especially if you run a lot of events things can get stale. Getting creative means switching it up, especially for your important and large events. Here are 21 ways to promote your event.

1.  Buy your domain name as soon as you have a title for your event.
2.  Start a blog on the topic or problem your event intends to address. Start this well in advance of your event so you can build a community of interested people. If you’re event is around the corner, it’s not too late. Start now and promote the blog at the event. This will help you keep a targeted audience for next time.
3.  Reach out to associations and groups interested in the topic of your event. Ask this group to share the event information with its community.
4.  Write a few articles on your event topic and submit them to article directories with a plug for the upcoming event at the end of the article.
5.  Do some radio research and offer to provide an expert for an interview to plug your event.
6.  Plan a contest with prizes.
7.  Search some topic-related online groups to see if you can network with them.
8.  Create an email signature for every email you send that links to your event web page or invitation.
9.  Submit your Web site to the top five directories: Google, MSN, Alexa, Yahoo, and DMOZ
10.  Write a great press release and submit it to online press release sites.
11.  Start your own email newsletter; it’s a great way to keep your audience informed on your latest events and hot topics.
12.  Post your event to a public event calendar.
13.  Use social media outlets like My Space, Facebook and Twitter to promote your event and share post-event feedback.
14.  Leave your business card, invitation, or flyer at important industry hot spots.
15.  Pitch local television stations and shows to do an interview with one of your experts.
16.  Pitch your event to local print media.
17.  Create a press kit with relevant Q&As for interested media.
18.  Is the topic of your event in the news? Check newspapers and online media then write a letter to the editor to share your expertise.
19.  Don’t forget to add event reviews and client testimonials to your Web site.
20.  Trying to meet the press? Search the Net for Press Clubs in your area, they meet once a month and are a great place to meet the media.
21.  Ready to get some magazine exposure? Why not pitch some industry specific publications with your event topic or submit a freelance article for reprint consideration.

Choose marketing tools that meet the following two criteria. Firstly, always choose tools that target your choice audience–there’s no point in having a million event attendees with irrelevant interests. Secondly, whatever you choose to do, do it well–half-assed marketing can be worse than no marketing at all.


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