Avoid the Awkward

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When attendees arrive at an event what do you do?

·  Sit patiently at the registration desk for new arrivals to approach you?
·  Let the directional signs do their job and wait in the main presentation room?
·  Do you recognize an attendee and spark up a chat with that one person?

During an event our daily instincts might take over and we can forget best practice behaviours. If you act like a stranger as attendees arrive you are dooming your event to an awkward beginning.

Remember these “To Dos” as your event registrants roll in:

  1. Look for lost faces.
  2. Ask if arrivals are looking for (name your event)?
  3. Direct people to the event space and let them know what to expect. (e.g. Feel free to take a seat. Or… Jessica will take care of you at the registration desk.  Or… There are muffins and coffee through that door, make yourself at home.)
  4. Introduce yourself.
  5. Engage registrants in a relevant pre-event chat. (e.g. So, have you been researching (product or service) for a while or will this be your introduction?
  6. Ask individuals about their business challenges and what they’re hoping to get out of the event.
  7. Keep it casual and be approachable.
  8. Let arrivals know you’re available to answer any questions they may have.

Avoiding the awkward moments before an event begins requires that you have your host/ess hat on from the moment attendees descend on your event venue. Making people comfortable will ease a natural and productive event execution while also setting the foundations for a trusting business relationship.

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