A Communications Audit for Your Event

Posted:  September 8th, 2009 by:  admin comments:  0

Have you run events in the past but were unable to close much business?

One of the biggest reasons for this disappointing outcome is a lackluster communications platform. If you’re regurgitating (and I choose that word purposefully) product features and benefits, if your website is simply a glorified pamphlet, if your invitations are generic rather than targetted and specific, if you’re not leveraging the viral effects of social networking, if your presentation’s value is buried in dense PowerPoint slides, if you have no way of measuring response rates,  your event will fail.

If you’re communications are based on outdated tactics, chances are your event material is only preaching more of the same tired content.

Take a look at your presentation deck or event invitation and ask yourself if it sounds like it could have come from any one of your competitors. Is it the same old content? How can you make it current and relevant? What will make it unique?

Run your event content through a communications audit before going to market – you might save yourself a lot of time and money.


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