Don’t be Afraid of Plain Text

Posted:  October 28th, 2009 by:  admin comments:  0

At first I loathed what I considered to be boring email invitations – plain text. They make it harder to track response rates and I didn’t consider them as effective as fully designed html invitations. But in the era of Blackberry and other handheld devices, I’m warming up to the idea of plain text emails.

Plain text is e-communications at its most honest. No frills or graphic tricks to draw you in unfairly. You either like the content or you don’t.

Here are some quick tips for your next text-only email:

  1. Since there are no images, it is important to have a single and dominant “Register Now” hyperlink near the top of the invitation.
  2. Email clients tend to break up the lines of text at inconvenient places causing the email to appear broken and disjointed. The solution is to keep lines of text short and add a hard return at the end of each one. A good rule is to restrict the length of each line to 65 characters.
  3. Use ++++++++++++,  ===============, or **************** to improve the visual appeal and break up sections.
  4. Test your campaigns thoroughly over time. You want to understand how plain text and html emails perform in your specific market.

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