Economic Slumps Create Opportunities

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It’s tough being in middle management when economic pressure squeezes your budget, increases team layoffs, and threatens your job security.

In fact, according to a recent article from BNET,Econ Crisis Making Middle Managers Miserable, statistics validate the general dissatisfaction middle managers face today.

  • 27% of middle managers say they find their current roles less meaningful and exciting than before the economic crisis (McKinsley poll)
  • C-level management is happier with only 18% reporting similar dissatisfaction
  • 36% of middle managers (compared to 52% of all execs) report they will be with their current employer in two years (Harvard Business Publishing’s Daily Stat)

Seeing this as an opportunity may take a stretch of your imagination but it is NOT a stretch from reality.

Doing more with less may perhaps be the ultimate purpose of the IT world. When economies thrive, middle managers concentrate on ongoing business and are less likely to look for efficient alternatives to processes that are already performing successfully. But as middle managers struggle to prove why they are an asset, discovering ways to cut costs and pull more revenue from existing income will get any middle manager recognition.

That means, the IT industry is better positioned to sell solutions today than it is in a thriving economy. Use events, speaking engagements, and informative collateral to communicate your cost effective message to your audience. The fact is, middle managers may have reached a new level of desperation in the search for ways to prove themselves worth their pay cheques.

As event marketers we’ve seen the audiences at our IT events thirstily soaking up the facts and figures that demonstrate how inefficient systems eat up what should be company profits. Many IT prospects will walk into an event without the intention of buying anything. Really, they’re looking for answers that alleviate the pressures under which they have to operate daily. But, if you can demonstrate the true value of your IT solution to an audience that’s struggling for a real improvement in revenue, suddenly, you’re the wind beneath middle management’s wings.

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