eMarketing Association Conference 2012

Posted:  April 2nd, 2012 by:  admin comments:  0

I’m en route to the eMarketing Association Conference in San Francisco.

I’m speaking on two panels and moderating one:

Panel 1: Growing email lists with social media
Panel 2: Reactivating lost customers with social and email
Moderating: Establishing control of the social conversation

Looks like a great line up of industry leaders. In line with my fascination, I will be talking about marketing communication from a psychological perspective. How do you connect with your audience?  How do you learn from your audience? The fact is, if businesses listen closely customers are clear about what they want. We’re not trained to listen; rather, we’re trained to talk, write, design, record, etc.

We have to re-calibrate our goals when it comes to marketing. There is no excuse especially in a digital era where businesses have greater access to their markets than ever before. So stay tuned. Leading minds in the eMarketing world should be able to pull together some strong ideas to keep our minds working for a few days.

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