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Assume that you plan, market and host your event to perfection. Good for you. Job well done. Now what?

Event give-aways, collateral, or SWAG (stuff we all get) – call it what you will – give an event resilience. Especially for long-term opportunities, the ones that don’t close in the six months following the event, a valuable give-away may keep you on a prospect’s radar because they’re still using your note pad or pen or case study. Give-aways of lasting value are the best way to remind prospects you exist.

Many event attendees are seriously interested in the product or service you’re pitching but they simply might not yet be near decision time. Budget has already been allocated elsewhere or the prospect can limp along using old tools – whatever the reason, you still received three hours of attention at your event once upon a time and that must count for something. They’re interested enough to remember you when the time comes as long as you’re worth remembering.

Here are some SWAG options to consider for your next event:

  • Case Studies / White Papers
  • Free trial software on CD
  • USB drive with resources and room for personal use
  • Industry-related products (e.g. a solar powered personal fan from a wind turbine manufacturer)

These are just some options of what you might like to consider. The point is to give away something that will remind prospects of you in the future. Don’t just give away a popular coffee shop gift certificate especially if there’s no way for you to brand the gift card. Prospects will throw away the note that came along with the gift and drink up all the coffee they can consume and then still be wondering who’s the perfect resource for their needs.

I personally like the idea of preparing and providing resources customized to your audience. The resource might be on a shelf for years but, if the content is good, one day the resource will be useful. And, suddenly your event reaches deep into the future and you close a deal you thought was long lost.


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