Event Marketing CPR

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A number of circumstances can unravel your event. Some issues you cannot control while others you can. Event Contigency Preparation (Event CPR) helps you take and keep control when you can. Here is a list of things you should never be without when running a marketing event:

·  Scissors
·  Markers
·  Large binder clips
·  First-aid gear
·  Gum
·  Extension cords
·  Power bar
·  Laser pointers
·  Plastic ties
·  Extra projector bulb
·  Notepads & pens
·  USB memory stick
·  Flashlight
·  Stain remover
·  Label maker
·  Blank name badges
·  Safety pins
·  Tape

You might need to extend this list as your experience progresses and you learn what further tools are a helpful lifesaver, job-saver, event-saver, etc. If you ignore this list, you’ll be kicking yourself the next time you’re in an event bind.


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