Event Marketing is Like Having a Chauffeur

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I read an article this morning about the virtues of traveling through Paris, France in a private car. The article was a blatant advertisement for a Paris car service that offers both cars and drivers, depending on your needs.

I’m sure it is true that “[t]raveling to the Eiffel Tower, the imposing Arc De Triomphe and the inspiring Sacre Coeur can be made much more interesting if you’re riding a comfortable Mercedes or an Audi.” But while I took in the shallow premise of the article I tried to think past how spoiled we are and decide whether the argument has merit.

The reality is, whether or not we like to accept it, we like superfluous comforts. You can have a wonderful time trekking through France with a backpack – as many twenty-somethings prove every year – but reclining in an air conditioned sedan with a driver maneuvering through traffic on your behalf makes the experience much sweeter.

Isn’t that what events are all about? The event marketers’ job is to strip away all the logistics, obstacles, and pains of business life that impede sales on a daily basis. We create a controlled environment where prospects can actually pay attention to the well-defined messages marketers work hard to create every day. A well executed event allows prospects to sit back and truly take in the substance of a product or service without distraction. If the details of one’s surroundings fade into the background a sales pitch stands a better chance of succeeding.


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