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Having recently come across the Experiential Marketing blog, Beloved’s Experience, I cannot help but realize the power of experience and reassess how this is incorporated into events.

If your event is an experience in and of itself, it will indeed be remembered. Of course, picking a unique experience is difficult.

Experiential marketing events might include any of the following examples and benefits.

Bringing your best clients out of the boardroom and onto a prestigious golf course will make many business people sign up in a hurry.

A vineyard tour might teach your guests how to properly pair wines with a specific menu. This provides a classy venue that removes the business-as-usual boredom most business people would be happy to escape.

Perhaps an involved and relevant experience for the video gaming industry would be a real-time gaming tournament (e.g. MMORPG). Comic Condoes a great job of making an experience out of an event – when Wonder Woman and Wolverineare walking around in the true flesh and  you get to make yourself into Princess Leia, some might call that an experience worth remembering.

In short, interacting and engaging with guests will be more appreciated and carries more clout than a one-way presentation ever could. Regardless of how great your speaker may be, having your guest live the experience is always better.

The real trick is to find an experience that ties in with the product or service your sales event exists to promote. Then find a way to bring your theme alive in an activity you can all share together. If your event concerns promoting clean technology, host your event at a wind power facility and incorporate a tour of the wind turbine process.

Get creative. The richer the experience the more memorable your event can be.


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