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The non-word googletestad consistently ranks in the list of top web searches according to Wordtracker and Overture. It performs consistently alongside real search terms such as “craigslist”, “myspace”, and “Jon and Kate divorce”. The phenomenon has received such traction that a dedicated landing page comes up in searches and focuses on what googletestad might mean.

Theories abound. Some say it’s a SEO program though nothing can be found online to confirm this. Others suggest it’s an executable file for download (containing who knows what). Finally, extensive research has led some SEO experts to believe there is a relationship between googletestad and the search term “Google monitor query.” All of this seems to me like a wild search chase.

Millions type “googletestad” into their favourite engines in an effort to find an answer. Of course, an answer does not exist but these searches further fuel the popularity of a term that means nothing at all.

The lesson? Popularity breeds popularity.

It’s no surprise that buzz is a valuable marketing tool. Every marketer knows that, right? As event marketers, building hype is an extremely valuable tool, especially for public-facing events such as the recent Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF). The buzz around TIFF was so powerful that countless people flocked to Toronto with a purpose that was far removed from the movies – the hope of seeing a celebrity in the flesh, the desire to be part of a movement, the thrill of an experience. Not one club was holding a star gazing party; instead, they advertised TIFF celebrations (i.e. thinly disguised star gazing events). And suddenly a spin-off event becomes an event of its own.

In marketing, the definition of an event is fluid and ever-changing. Your event can be anything you want it to be. It can be a search term that leads nowhere. It can be tabloid-inspired when it’s intended to be a cultural experience.

Googletestad is a true marvel not because its mystery is hidden in the cryptic SEO world, but because it makes something of nothing. Isn’t this what marketers do every day? We turn objects into lifestyle statements. We convince people they cannot live without certain products. Accepting this reality means stepping outside any and all limitations.

Your event can be anything you want it to be. It can be PodCamp MontrealDinner in the SkyCorporate Castaway, or a Global Scavenger Hunt. Make your own googletestad – something out of nothing.


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