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Ultimately, we are all looking to be heard, understood and validated. As marketers it is critically important to understand this element of human psychology. Without it we have little ability to connect with our audience and help sway purchasing decisions.

As an event marketer I learn time and time again that helping your prospect feel heard, understood and validated makes the difference in event registration and prospect conversions.

Being heard is all about knowing you’re not just another prospect. Reiterating common challenges and generic “we know how you feel” statements is not as effective as getting into the details of someone’s frustrations. If you are able to capture your target’s genuine fears, insecurities, and frustrations you gain access to that head space every marketer is trying to penetrate. You can become a trusted advisor and resource. And once you earn your prospect’s trust, you are that much closer to a sale.

AccushredsecretYour best opportunity at successfully connecting with your prospect starts with a powerful headline. If the headline is all your audience is sure to read, you have one chance at getting past the door.

We all have tricks we use to attract attendees to our events, but free giveaways and cool guest speakers will not guarantee you the quality of attendee you are looking to attract. The one way to get real interest is to use the following formula.

Biggest & Most Intimate Challenge + Specific to Audience + Provoking = Powerful Headline

Here’s an example:

“Keep Your Financial Data Safe
…with Technology that Adapts with Your Intruder’s Tactics”

This headline pokes at the things your audience truly fears: Intruders and hackers

This headline incorporates the intimate things that concern your audience: Delicate Financial Data

This headline provokes curiosity: What do you know about the Tactics of Intruders?

Use your headline to show your audience they’ve been heard and understood. Validation naturally follows from that. Validation is a feeling of not being alone. It means that others in your industry understand why you’re facing the challenge you’re facing today. Validation removes this notion that you’re doing something wrong and reminds you that it is reasonable for you to be right where you currently stand.

By mentioning the right details, the biggest challenge(s), and provoking curiosity you begin to make use of basic and effective psychological tools – tools that will impact your event return on investment.


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