How to Make Attendees Feel Important

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In a recent columnHarvey Mackay cites a Carnegie Foundation study that once found only 15% of a businessperson’s success could be attributed to job knowledge and technical skills. Of course, that 15% is a necessary foundation but the notable part is that it will only get you so far. That means success depends on the remaining 85%.

The remaining and dominant indicator of success was noted as one’s “attitude” and “ability to deal with people.”

Good customer service is sometimes hard to come by. But anyone with an ounce of success running events must have decent people skills. You simply couldn’t survive in this business without common courtesy and respectable tact with the public. So if most event marketers are pretty good in social environments, how do you stand out? If decent interpersonal skills bring you success in the average business space, how much more skill do you need to out-shine in a people-person business?

You need to be extraordinary.

One good best practice can be summed up like this: Make every attendee feel important.

One way to do this is to tend to fine personal details like attendee dietary needs. Instead of sounding like a nag in your reminder calls before the event, (”just wanted to make sure you’re coming – you’re coming right??”) tell the attendee that you’re calling to see if they have a food allergy.  If you have a prospect that’s allergic to peanuts, they’ll be hugely appreciative of your foresight.  And if they’re not, they’ll appreciate your thoroughness.

Making attendees feel important will give you a better chance at prospect-to-lead conversion. A number of other elements can affect this conversion rate such as quality presenter, focused content, qualified attendees, etc. However, if these pieces are in place and you successfully focus on each attendee, you are on your way to sales events that really sell.

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