How’s Your Grammar

Posted:  May 8th, 2010 by:  admin comments:  0

Strunk and White did it best – concise and accurate. So why are we so bad at grammar? We live in an age of information. There’s no reason whatsoever for us to misunderstand their versus they’re. We have free web access to some of the world’s greatest books and resources. Just about every question is answered online.

But for some reason, greater access to the tools we need to learn grammar hasn’t helped us improve.

I know one student that carries an old fashioned pocket dictionary in her bag. I’ll tell you why she’s a good example for us. It doesn’t matter if you use a mobile app or a paper reference book. But use something for goodness’ sake.

Forget spell check and grammar check. Sometimes the computer is wrong and we end up looking like morons. Not to mention, our verbal communication doesn’t go through an error filter. So one way or another the truth about our inability will come out. And, again, we end up looking like morons.

Grammar really isn’t too hard to master. But the consequences of getting it wrong can have big consequences. I know I lose a bit of respect for people who rely on red and green underlines all the time. We have no excuse to get the basics wrong.

If you’re counting on your computer to make you appear grammatically competent, you’re fooling no one.

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