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The moment that somebody registers online or calls into a toll-free number, you can start to deliver a customer-centric experience. By making the registration process highly personal, prospects are far more likely to attend and convert into a customer.

When a prospect crosses over your registration barriers and expresses a real interest in your event they have essentially pre-qualified themselves. Your objective is to lock in a personal connection by not relying on “faceless” confirmations and reminders.

This is where you must really pay attention to the details.

For example, you should never sign confirmation emails or auto-responders from “The Event Team.” Always let the prospect know exactly who is running the event and delivering the content. Make it standard practice to give prospects the ability to respond to live email addresses or call and speak with your event lead directly.

The language used in any confirmation must always be warm and gracious and set a personal expectation of meeting the prospect on event day. If you want to go the extra distance, send each registrant a relevant piece of preparation material in a personal email that asks about any particular topics the prospect would like to cover at the event.

These seemingly small details help you better align the event with your audience’s needs.

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