Managing Your Mess and Feeling Good About It

Posted:  February 25th, 2010 by:  admin comments:  0

Yesterday I had a very productive day. This is my first week of maternity leave and baby hasn’t made its entrance so I’ve been keeping busy with my own “stuff.” Even though I’m a full time writer, I don’t get the chance to work on my own projects as much as I’d like. So, yesterday my “stuff” was an ebook I’ve been working on slowly for a while.

Really I want to write to you today about time management but since I brought up the ebook I might as well give you an idea of what I’m planning. This site focuses on two main skills for helping you become your best self: strategic communications and self-awareness. Well, the first ebook at will be on self-awareness.

I’ll be leaking out tidbits of information on the book as I go but for now I’d like to say it’s turning out to be enlightening and provocative – I’m excited particularly about the provocative part since keeping it exciting will make it so much more interesting to read. Stay tuned.

On to the time management portion of this blog entry…. Yesterday I punched out 2700 words or so in less than half a day of work. The volume alone isn’t as important as the fact that those 2700 words have been edited as well and are actually good. I love that I was productive, effective, and had time to spare. The trick was I focused and allowed no distractions. I can go into a diatribe of my time management beliefs and tactics but I’d like to share the experience of another guru instead. This guy makes most of us look like jokes when it comes to productivity. And, I always say, don’t aim for mediocrity. Find the person or company who’s doing the best job and go after them. So, here is the story of Cal Newport – MIT post-doc and Study Hacks mastermind.

A lengthy but worthwhile read that might change your life!!

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