MySpace and Facebook and Twitter…Oh My

Posted:  June 22nd, 2009 by:  admin comments:  0

The ongoing Twitter Revolution in Iran forces marketers to consider the value of social media.  Especially in the events segment of the marketing world, the way we might use tools such as Twitter and Facebook may not be self evident.  However, as is obvious today in Iran, the micro nature of Twitter and the reach and proliferation of social media is what makes it so powerful.  Able to withstand the argument that this is a mundane, useless, and insubstantial flash-in-the-pan trend, we need to constantly challenge ourselves to put these tools to use.

Not every social media tool will serve a purpose for every industry, but we’re event marketers. Eclectic and dynamic resources keep our audiences on their toes. Not to mention, these tools can be leveraged across platforms. While there isn’t enough time in a day to populate content on all social media forums, readers are likely to pick their favourites. If you master Twitter but neglect MySpace, perhaps you’re isolating your product, service, or event, from an interested prospect. So, invest your time in the medium you prefer and then leverage that medium across other popular tools. For example, focus on Twitter but set your tweets to post automatically to Facebook and your blog. Or focus on your blog but post to twitter when a new blog entry is available and set up an RSS feed to your Facebook page.

Challenge yourself to put social media to work for your next event. Have an attendee tweet live from the event. Encourage attendees to post event reviews on your Facebook event wall. The buzz alone might attract valuable attention.

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