Positive Psychology and Your Business

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We regularly preach the virtues of pain-based marketing on this event blog. We do this for two reasons:

  1. Recognizing your customer’s pain is the best way to stay on top of your customer’s needs.
  2. It works – it captures attention and earns you the time you need to pitch.

Business challenges are the frustrations that lead us to purchase new products and services. If advertisers jump right into solution selling, they’re glossing over the real reason behind a purchase. Earning your audience’s time requires recognizing the problems that need solving. Without understanding your customer’s challenges you can never connect with them long enough to demonstrate the merit of your solution.

With that said, however, this post is about positivity. Basically, while understanding your prospect’s business challenges is vital, getting stuck in the misery of those challenges is not.

In fact, as espoused by humanistic psychologist Abraham Maslow and studied over a decade of research, happiness at work—defined as pleasure, engagement, and a sense of meaning—can improve revenue, profitability, staff retention, customer loyalty, and workplace safety. For example, a social worker will make twice as many visits to clients if s/he feels appreciated.

These studies strongly suggest that postive emotion increases creativity, problem-solving, and stress fighting ability.

If this is indeed true, what does that tell us about pain-based selling at a sales event?

Positive psychology teaches us that once you’ve secured your target’s attention with a pain-based reality, your prospect is ultimately looking for a blue-sky outcome of satisfaction, ease, and positivity.

Business challenges need not be permanent. If the doom and gloom is destined to stay, why bother investing in a “solution.” Simply, there is no solution without positivity.

Make sure to hint toward the pleasure, engagement, and sense of meaning which – according to positive psychology – tends to inspire people to achieve greater productivity, creativity, and problem-solving success.

If Positive Psychology Can Boost Your Business, can it not also boost your sales?

Use every tool at your disposal – including a balance of pain and pleasure.


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