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I was chatting with a friend (who happens to be a customer service representative) about the challenge of customer service. Perhaps to over simplify, there are three kinds of customers:

1.  The push-over customers that pays full price, and never asks for or gets a deal.
2.  There are the customers that will treat you respectfully and want the same in return.
3.  Then, there are those with a sense of entitlement. These people think you owe them something.

No one wants to be in categories one or three – category two is ideal.

From a business perspective, steering customers down the middle of the road is the best of the three options anyway. But how can you make your customers into the customers you want them to be?

Well, the key word to remember is respect. Respect isn’t an automatic thing we can expect, we have to nurture it in all relationships. When you’re a business, you need to prove you deserve respect in order to attain it.

There is hidden value in

·  respecting your customer
·  respecting your staff
·  contributing to your industry, etc.

If you’re in business for the quick buck, you’re more likely to attract a one-time sale. Respect, rather, leads to mutually beneficial long-term relationships.

So why the discussion about customer service on an event blog?

Events provide a foundation for category two kind of customers. Face-to-face interaction promotes respect, builds relationships, and creates comfort for the long-term. Demonstrate your value as a partner over time with educational seminars. Show your appreciation with a courtesy dinner. Bring industry names together for a networking opportunity.

Events help you avoid the customer service conundrums of push-overs on the one side of the spectrum and spoiled customers on the other. Events nurture real business relationships where the customer is satisfied and the company can count on future sales.


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