Relationship Marketing – Round 2

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On Friday I challenged you to consider the relevance of relationships to your marketing.

Why talk about relationships in this blog? Because the fact that event marketing works is fundamentally based on the notion that relationships drive sales.

That’s cute. But I prefer the bunny.

A Duracell ad might remind someone to pick up batteries, but what’s to stop that person from grabbing the Energizer brand off the same shelf?


Relationships based on trust, corporate social responsibility, and genuine interest are more likely to nurture and maintain a bond between product and consumer than any coupon or freebie ever will.

Coupons and freebies can be powerful incentives to get someone to an event. But there is no loyalty once the coupon or freebie is in the customer’s hand.

Common ground, quality, service, and trust WILL make a customer think twice before buying from the competition.

So, where do you start?

If you’re a good blog audience, you thought about the relationship post. Now, I’d like you to jot down your brilliant points. Make two lists: One that includes the things you currently do to build relationships with your target market and a second list with ideas of things you’d like to do or have done in the past but are not doing now.

Create these lists and stay tuned for installment three.


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