Round 3 – Events Sell

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You’ve considered the value of relationship marketing. You’ve brainstormed to create a list of marketing activities in which you are currently engaged. You’ve created  a second list with ideas you might be able to use to build your relationship marketing strategy.

But, what is your relationship marketing strategy?


Your strategy must be based on an objective. Are you trying to drive sales? Are you aiming to recruit affiliates or partners? Are you looking to attract subscribers? Are you hoping to simply inspire an interested audience?

Is event marketing on your list? If your objective is to sell, event marketing should be there.  Simply, if you want to drive sales you need face time.

Step 1: Consider the value of relationship marketing and decide whether you want to build relationships to market your business.

Step 2: Brainstorm and make two lists: 1) Your current marketing tactics. 2) Relationship marketing ideas you’d like to implement.

Step 3: Create a business/marketing objective in a statement to help you narrow down the tactics you’ve brainstormed.

If sell, sell, sell is your number one objective, consider events.

Events give you face time. Face time helps you build relationships. Relationships encourage loyalty and sales.

Step 4: Keep reading for information on how to pick an appropriate event format and execute.


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