Seven Seconds to Bliss or Torture

Posted:  May 15th, 2009 by:  admin comments:  0

When you’re hosting an event, all of the planning can be wasted if you don’t invest in your presentation. I’m not talking money here, I’m talking time. Planning a presentation from scratch is an involved process and an important one

I can already tell, this is going to be bad.

You are the Message by Roger Ailes argues that your first seven seconds will determine the audience’s impression of your entire presentation. Good or bad, those first seven seconds are extremely valuable.

Sure, you need to prepare presentation content. But you MUST also consider what impression you want to leave. Once you determine your overall goal, start again by working backwards. Look through your presentation and consider whether your prepared materials will evoke the action or sentiment you are aiming to achieve. Forget the content for a minute and question how you want to deliver it. This should revolutionize your opening remarks and hopefull invigorate your theme throughout.

For example, if you want to inspire people you should likely start with a high-energy, positive attitude statement. If you’re looking to sway a business decision, open with a promising statistic of past achievements with the product/service you’re pitching. If you are aiming to entertain, open with an outrageous statement or joke.

In these few moments you set the tone for yourself and your audience. It’s not just about the content you’re going to cover. If the medium truly is the message you need to be your pitch incarnate. No one will buy a pricey solution from a presenter that lacks confidence. No one will be uplifted by a “Debbie downer” perspective. No one will be convinced by an insincere effort.

So, unless you’re trying to bore and frustrate your audience, chances are you need to shake it up in the first seven seconds. Even if you’re an awesome presenter, you can still improve. For those using the same routine because it worked the first time, you need to re-event the wheel. Start from the beginning and reshape your delivery for maximum results.

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