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Hosting an event is very different than strategic event marketing. You can throw chips in a bowl, pay a celebrity to attend, and realize a huge attendance, but that doesn’t mean your investment is connected to anything other than a good time.

According to EventView 2009 Global Report, event marketing outperforms the return on investment you can expect from broadcast advertising, print advertising, or web marketing. While strategic event marketing outperforms various other forms of marketing, it does not mean you’ll see the immediate return if you host an event.

The necessary part to the equation is the strategy element. Without a strategy your event is nothing more than a gathering that has cost you time and effort.

Next time you want to host an event consider

·  Choosing an objective
·  Integrating a theme
·  Analyzing the results
·  Ranking each attendee according to lead potential.

Making the  most of your marketing dollars means more than throwing a party. The type of party should be relevant to the topic, audience, or industry. The give-away should be a business-related resource so you come to mind every time that resource is consulted. Your event should centre on a challenge your target prospect is struggling to overcome.

An event without a true, well thought out strategy to track return on investment is just that–an event. A marketing event requires that you track results and build upon the connections your event inspires.


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