The Dry Run

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Having a pre-event dry run is perhaps THE best practice to trump all others. For such a simple step this element can make the difference between unorganized and sleek delivery.

After going through a number of barriers, once your attendees reach an event you have a serious opportunity. Your delivery may either rope prospects into your sales pipeline or lose them for good. You’re likely to get one good chance to connect with a lead. How you treat that chance will determine if you get another.

If you have one shot in the barrel of your gun and one bulls-eye mark, you’re sure as hell going to wish you practiced before. A sleek presentation is your chance to hit that bulls-eye.

We all know and love cliches that speak truth, like…

·  Practice makes perfect.
·  Preparation breeds confidence.

You know how important it is that you shine on event day. Don’t ignore the value of the dry run. If you do, you will regret it later.


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