The Laws of Event Attraction: The Selfish Side of Marketing

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Let’s face it – no one cares about your sales pitch.

When you learn to accept this fact you can begin to set an event objective that will actually attract an audience. This means understanding what makes people attend an event. Why would you take time from your schedule to allow a company to market to you?

Here’s where the selfishness of the human condition plays a huge role. You can offer a freebie gift, a great meal, some high-end entertainment, but incentives alone aren’t enough. The fundamental purpose of the event must be enticing on its own accord.

Think about what truly matters to you professionally.

  • Are you looking to advance your company’s clout?
  • Are you in a bind to save your business money?
  • Are you working on advancing your career?
  • Are you hoping to network for new sales opportunities?

Sure the free gift for attending might entice me to open your email invitation and it’s a nice touch to have me leave the event with a smile on my face. Nonetheless, a free pen or trial software will not get me out of my comfortable office chair.

What is likely to garner a response from me is an event that offers real value to my selfish needs. Perhaps…

  • A case study to show me the inner workings of success for a big (and usually private) client of yours
  • An industry round table where I can hash out my daily frustrations with like-minded professionals to which I do not usually have access
  • An insider’s look at the latest in industry trends

If you have information that can make me look good, I am more likely to take the proverbial bait. If your event translates into a direct benefit in my life, you’ve got my attention and likely my registration too.

Keep the selfish side of marketing in mind when you plan your next event to optimize the Laws of Event Attraction.


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