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When you’re planning your event’s main attraction you must have thought about bringing in the big guns. You know, the expensive speaker whose name everyone knows? Let’s consider the reasons for and against.

External Speaker Pros

  • Name recognition
  • Mass audience draw
  • Potential media coverage
  • Expertise

External Speaker Cons

  • It’s expensive
  • You set that person up as “the expert”
  • You have less control over content

And, most importantly, according to Starshot Senior Account Manager, Romar Aguilera,

  • The speaker will be promoting his/her brand and yours will always be secondary.

Hiring an external speaker definitely has its benefits but those benefits often depend on circumstance. An external speaker might be the right decision sometimes. But never think an external speaker is your only option.

In fact, if you think about it, we’ve all shared that moment at a presentation with a hired speaker. The speaker forgets who’s hired him/her and says something to promote a competing product and insult the one s/he should be promoting. The audience snickers, the event organizer cringes and suddenly that big fee you’ve paid for an “expert” seems like a mistake.

Use your company’s internal resources. You obviously have experts in-house that can help you promote your business’s expertise. This option keeps the cost down and ensures you maintain control of the content.

If you use your own speaker you can be sure to close with a call to action that specifically meets your needs. As long as (1) the content you present is of high value and (2) you include your call to action, you can satisfy the needs of the audience and your needs at the same time to have a successful event and drive leads appropriately into your sales pipeline.

Perhaps the topic and depth of expertise is more important than the name of the person delivering the material.


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