The Problem with Green Events

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My biggest problem with green events is that, for the most part, going green is all about lip-service. Incorporating a couple of environmentally-friendly elements does not make an event green. Anything less than an all-out effort will simply come up short in the eyes of your attendees.

In the May 2009 issue of Shine, one article in particular tackles 55 Ways to Lose Your Green Event Envy. The idea here is that there are practical methods that will truly make your next sales event an exercise in sustainable business.

Of course, the feel-good benefit of going green is important enough. However, the value of going green is that you communicate what kind of company you are to your target market.

Green events mean you’re not just saying “Save the Planet” but you are actually trying to play a role at the same time. This demonstratesCorporate Social Responsibility and imbeds your company values into customer-facing operations.

Suddenly, you’re not just another agenda-pusher. Your values are implicit and hearing your pitch becomes more desirable.

Event options with implicit green philosophies include webinars, virtual conferencing, etc. And while it is important to follow through on your environmentally-friendly event agenda, you still need your sales event to be a sales success.

You cannot afford to spend money on perfectly sustainable events that do not improve your bottom line. So, consider the tactical options in 55 Ways to Lose Your Green Event Envy. But, also, look for ways to make green event alternatives work for you in Webcast Tips for Boosting Sales and Virtual Conferences Come Alive.


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