The Process Hurdle

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Streamlined procedures is one of those trendy business phrases a lot of people throw around the office. Especially if you work in IT or Operations, this phrase starts to lose meaning from overuse.

This phrase is intended to fight complexity – a reality so unattractive, in fact, that opponents to Obama’s healthcare plan drew the flow chart you see here in an attempt to discredit his procedures. Making things look worse than they are can be as easy as drawing out every single element, step, and party involved in any process. Simply, complexity tells people to keep their distance.

At Starshot, one of the big reasons we’re consistently productive is because we embody the phrasestreamlined procedures. In my estimation, it means finding the repetitive elements in a process and simplifying them for easy application.

I know hurdles and complications will come up. No matter how perfect your processes may be, every campaign, client, and season is different and imperfections will arise. I’m not suggesting that you boil all your marketing tactics down to three simple steps and churn services out ad nauseum. I am suggesting that you identify the elements that are always the same and strip out the excess.

Whether you draw this into a pretty flow chart, jot down a few steps, or sketch it out on a napkin, keep it simple and handy for reference.

As you add new staff keeping things simple is what will get individuals up and operational quickly. When you’re trying to communicate a workflow to your clients, complexity will only make them cringe.

In most cases you’re paid to turn elaborate problems into simple solutions. Some offices are full of people making a lot of noise and nervously running back and forth, all in a race to nowhere. A lot of sound and fury just looks unprofessional.

The reason Starshot is a leader in event marketing is because we make executing complex events look easy (event though it’s not). A professional using truly streamlined processes leaves you wondering how and when s/he managed to iron out all the details when you never noticed him/her break a sweat.


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