Three Kinds of Communication

Posted:  July 12th, 2010 by:  admin comments:  0

Whether we are talking about a company or a person, the entire gamut of communications can be summed up into three categories.

1. Gibberish:

The first kind of communications covers all kinds of talk without any purpose. Some like to hear their own voices. Some think others actually care about mundane and useless details. One way or another, far too many people talk gibberish. And it gets them no where.

2. Gossip:

I believe gossip is every piece of recycled information. News sources most often repeat each other’s stories (after all only one journalist can be the first to break a story). In offices across the nation staff people are regurgitating the opinions of others. Simply, if you or your company are not the first to form an opinion or statement, every consecutive mention constitutes gossip.

3. Strategic Communications:

Bringing together details to reach a specific goal has a purpose and thus has value. For example, politicians repeat theories they believe will get them votes. Whether you agree with those politicians or not, their communications has purpose.

Strategic Communications (or StratComm) pushes individuals and businesses forward. Everything else is a waste of time. The sad thing is StratComm makes up the very least of our dialogue. In an effort to limit noise pollution and the overall denigration of the human ability to communicate, it’s worth asking yourself – to which category of communications am I contributing most?

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