Understanding Pain is Like Speaking a Foreign Dialect

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Last week’s Copyblogger post, Blogging is a Dialect by Josh Hanagarne, talks about Blogging as the art of minimizing the distance between a writer and his/her audience. Equating the art of successful blogging to a dialect makes sense. Those within a specific community will just understand each other better than outsiders ever could.

That’s why every good marketing company must have a Communications Specialist. The job title may vary from Copywriter to Wordsmith but the principle is the same. A Communications Specialist is to Marketing what Dialectology is to Linguistics. The job of a Communications Specialist is to slip an outsider’s message seamlessly and without detection into a conversation amongst insiders.

Imagine a Welsh guy who’s never been anywhere near the Caribbean trying to talk to a group of Jamaicans about the challenges of local business development in Kingston, Jamaica. Or, imagine an established and wealthy CEO talking to a group of twenty-something entrepreneurs with little (if any) start-up capital.

In business and marketing, a dialect is more than an accent. It’s a point of reference. And a sales person cannot sell without it.

Going back to Hanagarne’s point, blogging and I’d like to add marketing brings like-minded people together. This means, if you’re trying to sell a solution to a group of people whose problem you’ve never experienced, you will always be a business outsider. Your ads will never hit close to your prospects’ hearts. Your training won’t be of practical value. You will never understand the true pain – or business challenge – that might actually drive a prospect toward a closed sale.

A good marketer or Communications Specialist has the talent and skill to dig into the psyche of a target audience and speak that group’s language. If you’ve been in the marketing business long enough chances are you are capable of doing this. You just need to see your objective clearly every time.

You need to get into your prospect’s head. Identify what keeps your prospects up at night. Be a chameleon that can speak a variety of dialects. Because successfully selling products and services isn’t a game of manipulation, it’s a talent for those who can understand and capture in words the common denominator behind every sale – an unmet challenge or problem that needs a solution.

I’m a marketer. Our primary business at Starshot is strategic event marketing. We pride ourselves on the exceptional return on investment events achieve. But it is because we can measure our success more than most marketing firms can, we are also able to see the true value of various strategies. Speaking clearly and on-point to a particular industry and role-related challenge gives us better results every time. Our invitations receive more clicks. Our unsubscribe rate is low. Our lists are more targeted. Our registrations are at industry highs. And, our attendee drop-off rates are low.

Our experience has us convinced – speaking in your prospect’s dialect is the only way to prove you understand his/her pain.


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