What Writers Can Learn from Search Engine Optimization?

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So, we’ve had some success attracting traffic lately. All this excitement about Susan Boyle and Twitterhas got the search engine juices flowing toward the Starshot Blog. As a writer, I can’t help but realize the similarity between the human mind and search engines.

When it comes to marketing copy or an event invitation, the most successful examples are littered with key words. Of course, the key words in an event invitation are relevant to a specific market and audience and might not rank highly in search engines. Nevertheless, just as web crawlers scour the web so too do your eyes scan marketing pieces and your mind latches on to the salient words and phrases of your industry.

So, how do you spike traffic to your event invitation or regular marketing copy?

Use key words and place them in areas that you know the eye scans. For example, use enticingheaders, key-word optimized introductions, punchy bullet points and always close with a fiesty, relevant and attractive call to action.

Whether in print or online, regardless of search engine dynamics, people tend to glance through the top of your marketing piece and look for highlights throughout as they skip to the end to see the final offer.

If you pepper your copy with key words, phrases of industry contention, and business challenges, you will more effectively stop a reader’s eye in its tracks. Without key words, your audience’s mental search engines–their brains–will gloss right over your objective and you lose their attention before you ever had it.


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