Why Are Demanding Clients Great For Business?

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In business it can be comforting to have a laid back client that trusts you to make the tough decisions. Sometimes it’s nice not to have to justify or explain your choices.

While there are cases where a trusting client is great, they can also be a liability. Customers that let you do your thing aren’t challenging you. You aren’t pushing the envelope to please them regularly. Instead, you can rest on yesterday’s laurels.

Problem is, slowly your work won’t keep up with the evolving competition and you will eventually lose the business to someone who does it better.

The other issue with clients you don’t hear from frequently is that they may be giving you a clear sign that they don’t really care what you do. The downside is that if clients aren’t aware of what you’re doing for them, you won’t get credit when you get results. Ever have a client take credit for a victory you know your work helped win? Next thing you know your client is convinced they don’t need you. And, again, gone is the business.

Delivering good customer service can be a challenge, but the sometimes the more painful it is the better your chances at customer retention.

Hosting an event offers a case in point.

When you’re running an event and you know way too much about attendee John Doe, count your blessings. Have you had Mr. Doe call you three times to chat about the agenda? Did he even mention the typo in paragraph two of your reminder email? Do you know his dietary needs by heart? Does he stick around after the presentation to talk to your sales representative?

Guess what? You may just have a hot lead on your hands.

Don’t worry about too many interactions with customers or event attendees. Worry about the under-the-radar guests that slip out immediately before your Q&A session. Less conversation is usually the sign of a lost opportunity.


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