Why Be a Good Twitizen?

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I stumbled across a blog post entitled, Twitter 102 – Good Twitizenship. It reminds me of a principle we challenge ourselves to live by here at Starshot:

>> Offer real value to your industry. <<

It’s so easy to forget this important and simple philosophy. The Twitizenship blog post identifies ways to be a good Twitizen (specific to Twitter of course):


These lists remind us that it is important to understand the selfish side of marketing. That is, that the selfishness of your target audience is the only one that matters. If you forget that fact you become a corporate entity and lose the ability to be part of the community.

If the purpose of event marketing is to build relationships, understand that no one wants to be friends with a person that is always self-interested. People who tend to talk about themselves push away genuine friendships.

Being a good twitizen is about recognizing there’s a community to which you want to gain entry and then making yourself an attractive participant. Kind of like recruitment into a sorority or fraternity, think about why your company, product, or service is an attractive candidate. And remember that listing your features or qualities will likely bore your audience. In order to demonstrate the benefits your membership will bring, offer value to your community from the onset. And before you know it you’ll be part of the clique.



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