Your Audience Doesn’t Care About Your Perspective

Posted:  June 5th, 2009 by:  admin comments:  0

The first words in every piece of marketing communications are crucial. Whether you’re drafting an invitation, delivering a presentation, or confirming a registration, you need to spend time considering those first few words.

Consider the following opening statement options:

It doesn’t matter if yours is a large enterprise with dedicated copywriters, a small shop with staff members wearing multiple hats, or a business that outsources all creative/marketing materials, you need to make a best practice of scrutinizing the opening statements in all market-facing communications.

Humans react to psychological triggers and can get jaded very quickly. Always introducing yourself the same way at the opening of a presentation gets old quickly. Even you will get bored as your delivery gets more and more stagnant from repeating yourself again and again. Worse still is that filters in the human brain will tell your audience that the message they’re about to receive is unimportant and not stimulating. Instead of working hard to keep the audience’s attention through all the elements of your speech you will have lost them from the word “hello.”

The same way we appreciate the importance of refining a marketing headline, so too must we prioritize the opening comment beneath the headline.

Always re-read your text and ask yourself whether you’ve written what the audience wants to hear/read or what you really want to say. No one cares who you are or how you know what you do. At least they won’t care about those details until they discover you have something valuable to share in the first place.

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